All Singing

by Nick Montfort

"All Singing" is a poem created by Nick Montfort that describes the creation of the universe using a Perl script. Nick released the code in the public domain. Thanks Nick!

I've changed it a bit. These are my mods:

Here's the code I've used.

$t="A SWERVE ";
for(my $i=42;$i--;){$t.=(unpack "(A4)*","bangbankbendboomfleeflowformhackhowljumpplayringsingskewjam")[rand 15]."s".(" in"," up")[rand 5]." the ".("absence","blankness","silence","stillness","void")[rand 5]." \n ";}print $t."all that.\n"

My version of this universe was created ;) using Inkscape and Hershey's sans medium font. The SVG file is here for download.

You can buy a physical concretization of this poem at paperview.

Happy hacking!

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