The material of symbols

a few quotes from the text of Harold Cohen.

I do think that Harold Cohen is correct about it.

"We do not optimize in freehand drawing, and it never seemed to me that the dynamic qualities of drawing would be captured by spline interpolations."

"All our behavior is acculturated to some degree, and any attempt to isolate a discreet behavioral mode which we might think of as "natural" would be fruitless."

"Some caution is in order. I have reached this point in many conversations to be told "Oh, you mean that the computer is just a tool." The answer to this is that the advent of the electronic computer requires a total rethinking of what tools might be, for if the thermostat and the speed governor are exactly equivalent to biological feedback systems, computer programs are potentially exactly equivalent to intellectual feedback systems. We have a long way to go before we fully comprehend the shift in significance of "tools" capable of the independent exercise of reason."

Obituary form the NYT: Harold Cohen, a Pioneer of Computer-Generated Art, Dies at 87 - The New York Times (2016)

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