Ultrathin Acoustic Metasurface-Based Schroeder Diffuser

“Schroeder diffuser” is a classical design, proposed over 40 years ago, for artificially creating optimal and predictable sound diffuse reflection. It has been widely adopted in architectural acoustics, and it has also shown substantial potential in noise control, ultrasound imaging, microparticle manipulation et al. The conventional Schroeder diffuser, however, has a considerable thickness on the order of one wavelength, severely impeding its applications for low-frequency sound. In this paper, a new class of ultrathin and planar Schroeder diffusers are proposed based on the concept of an acoustic metasurface. Both numerical and experimental results demonstrate satisfactory sound diffuse reflection produced from the metasurface-based Schroeder diffuser despite it being approximately 1 order of magnitude thinner than the conventional one. The proposed design not only offers promising building blocks with great potential to profoundly impact architectural acoustics and related fields, but it also constitutes a major step towards real-world applications of acoustic metasurfaces."

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