Low-cost seismograph using optical mouse

"The seis-mouse-meter (a name coined by our team) is an outcome of the 2020 Frugal Science course (frugalscience.org), where we participants were challenged with solving crowd sourced global problems with frugal solutions. Our chosen problem was to detect and warn of crop raiding elephants in rural India, which cause much damage and human animal violent conflict inducing loss of lives on both sides.

Our simple hack was to use an ordinary computer optical mouse's inbuilt high speed camera and surface features detection hardware as a vibration detector. This could be used to sense the long distance (about 10km) seismic waves generated in the ground when these heavy animals walk or rumble or talk to each other.

Such a device could be part of a frugal and low cost early warning system in vulnerable villages, preventing potential conflicts and losses. It could also act as an environmental tool to monitor anthropologenic noise pollution in the infrasound range."

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